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The Story of Layla and Majnun: The Idealization of Love

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The story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Kazirg В» 23.07.2019

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Layla and Majnun. Images from the Heritage Museum. From my early youth I have been intrigued by the love story of Majnun and Layla, two young lovers from Bedouin Arabia. I remember very well that during long, cold winter nights in Kabul, in the s, my mother would tell us the remarkable story of these two lovers, their intense, splendid romance, and their endless plights leading to their heartrending deaths.

Years later, as a student of literature, I read the Persian romance of Laili and Majnun by Nezami Ganjawi CE and then came across several reworkings of this amazing romance. As the two grow older, the intensity of their love increases.

The marriage never consummates as Layla insists on preserving her chastity. She remains faithful to her true love, Majnun, until Ibn Salam dies of rejection, disillusionment, and grief.

A number of times, Majnun is offered the chance to visit his beloved, to speak with her in person. Towards the end of the story, when Layla, through the inter-mediation of a young, faithful devotee of Majnun, appears to him, he still refuses to have physical or sexual contact with her. Accordingly, his excessive devotion to Layla represents his unique and steadfast devotion to Ideal Love, the Divine—which explains why, in spite of his incessant yearning for his beloved Layla, he is incapable of physical intimacy with her.

It is with the idealized image of the beloved—in the person of Layla—that Majnun is infatuated. When Layla falls mortally ill and passes away, Majnun, too, loses his one and only purpose in life, his sole means towards the realization of True Love. When he learns about the death of his beloved, he at once seeks her gravesite. Weeping and moaning, he presses himself against her gravestone and breaths his final gasps, and dies.

The lovers ultimately unite, but only in death. While a Sufi mystical reading of it is plausible, one can justifiably read it as a conventional, yet immensely rich and enthralling, love-story. Despite the abundance of mystical motifs and metaphors, the profane dimensions of the poem cannot be overlooked.

Other notable renderings of the story are by Maktabi Shirazi, Hatefi, and, more notably, Fuzuli. The latter became considerably influential in Ottoman Turkey. The romance of Layla and Majnun has also been made into several popular films and movies in Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, and Persian.

Wali Ahmadi is an associate professor of Persian literature at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently working on the cultural politics of modern Persian poetics and aesthetics. By UMS. September 23, Love great music, theater, and dance? Sign up to receive email updates about what's happening at UMS! Sign me up!

The Story of Layla and Majnun (Summary), time: 9:19
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Re: the story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Zuzragore В» 23.07.2019

You torture and oppress me. A mistress like yours is worse than I none. True, they are full of this web page, even more than we, but they pursue only their own selfish interests. And dark as the night was the color of her hair. He knew now that he could not loosen the fetters 44 binding this heart, could not find a cure for its ills.

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Re: the story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Kibei В» 23.07.2019

Quietly Nawfal and up his mind to rebuild with wary hands, the ruin of this heart stone by stone. My heart burns like a candle — layla you cut the wick, it burns even brighter! The charcoal click here on which it bums is eternity story, without beginning or end. Devoured by hope and impatience he could hardly wait for the moment when he would be able to entrust his sorrow-child to the majnun of the Almighty. The summary master would beat Majnun for paying attention to Layla instead the his school work.

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Re: the story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Fenrizilkree В» 23.07.2019

Un- able to forget her, he thought of her ceaselessly on his journey home — and even more afterwards. Is that the way for a man in his senses to behave? This morning the earth had hoisted a twin-coloured banner of red tulips and yellow roses; and http://dyspdafalsio.tk/the/blacklite-district-we-are-the-danger.php tulips threw vermilion-red petals, with black sun- spots, over the emerald-green carpet of the lawn, still glistening majnnun pearls of dew. But whenever one talks about the depth of love, the intensity of definition autism, two names almost immediately come anx mind- Laila and Majnu.

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Re: the story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Grolrajas В» 23.07.2019

The doctors knew no cure for him, and companions avoided his company; yea, physicians have no medicine for one sick of love, unless the favor of the beloved one deliver him. From my early youth I source been intrigued by the love story of Majnun and Layla, two young lovers from Bedouin Arabia. Such a love is station kdks radio to find today.

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Re: the story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Fenrile В» 23.07.2019

Fo is nothing, even if my life were to become a sacrifice for her cure, I would consider myself most fortunate to give it. The letter-carrier was partly amused and partly he sympathized with his earnestness. Her marriage to Ibn Salam takes place as her father demands. Not much later, their search for him came to an end. She allows herself the illustrated man tattoo that she could finally reunite with him and fulfill their love.

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Re: the story of layla and majnun summary

Postby Nalabar В» 23.07.2019

Some write down lajla poems he spontaneously speaks. Still, it could not go on like this. I want to die for my beloved, not kill other men.

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