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Band creation

Postby Mujora В» 31.03.2020

Je met des photos.

The noisy library of New Zealand music. We played at 21sts, weddings, dances in the hall and that sort of thing; all your music was really based on dancing. When that song started climbing the charts in Australia the following year, Creation relocated there where a version of the band existed into the mids.

Not so interested in science they started singing together. Already a competent drummer, Leef was invited by older schoolmates Peter Matthews lead guitar and brothers John organ and Tony Roche guitar to join their band The Trolls as lead vocalist and drummer. He said he would if Christensen could tag along, so Christensen was told he would be the bass player. When word spread about the new band they started organising their own dances, sometimes drawing teens.

Creation ventured as far as Nelson and Kaikoura and got very excited when a local promoter said he was bringing The Monkees to New Zealand and he wanted them to open, though it never happened. It meant he could leave the taffeta behind for black T-shirts and sunglasses.

Fire and Creation both benefited from the contacts of eccentric Blenheim impresario Harry Tootell. Like his brother Barry before him, in Peter Leef took the well-beaten path to Wellington.

He put in for a transfer with his employers Hannahs and was sent to Barefoot Originals in the capital. Still only 16, Christensen was forbidden to make the trip by his parents. Through the connection with Wendell Hynes, Creation came to the notice of Wellington promoter and musician Tom McDonald who told them UBA was interested in contracting them but only if they downsized to four members and he sent Leef packing; Matthews left in sympathy.

Around the same time, Christensen had turned 17 in Blenheim and hightailed it to Wellington. At a loose end since the demise of Spyce Of Lyfe with drummer Tom Swainson and guitarist Mike Farrell, Timihou relented when they said it would only be temporary until the band was well known enough for Christensen to become a classic frontman. Then Timihou could switch to his preferred bass and they could find a new guitarist, they told him.

It never happened, but they were flat-out almost immediately. McDonald was a relentless taskmaster and would have them sometimes doing three gigs a day in Wellington and working throughout New Zealand.

While on tour with The Peddlers, Creation mentioned they were looking for songs to record. Undeterred, he put them into HMV Studios to record an album nonetheless, booking an eight-hour session with engineer Frank Douglas , in which McDonald would produce and Brian Hands would serve as musical director.

All was smoothed over the following morning and the band launched into a series of songs selected mostly by McDonald. Gone were the awkward half bars leading in to each chorus and Christensen nailed a killer vocal. As the cassette provided by Roy Phillips had no details on it the writer was credited as unknown. Radio loved it and it was selected as a finalist in the Loxene Golden Disc. They finished at 10pm, loaded the Zephyr and trailer and drove through the night to Wellington to catch the ferry across Cook Strait.

The next week was spent performing to adoring fans at one of the Timaru pubs. The constant travelling was getting to Creation. But just a few weeks later, the band broke up. Drummer John Rarity and organist Johnny Morris were dissatisfied with the way UBA were handling them and revealed they had plans to start a new outfit with their flatmate and original Creation singer Peter Leef.

They hauled in yet another former Creation member, Peter Matthews, on guitar and another flatmate — ex-Wildwood bass guitarist Neil Mickleson — to form Prentice and hit the Lion Breweries circuit.

The demise of Creation was a relief for the disillusioned Glenn Timihou, who reverted to his preferred bass guitar and joined Dave Feehan in a revamped Tapestry. His one condition: he refused to work for Tom McDonald. For a crestfallen Greg Christensen it was a case of biding his time. He was of the opinion that greater opportunities were around the corner on the back of the Golden Disc win, and a chance encounter in Willis Street with former Tanglefoot and Stacey Grove drummer Mike Phillips culminated in a couple of beers and a plan to re-create Creation.

Phillips put the word out and Napier musicians Paul Jeffares guitar and John Maloney organ were drafted. But the provincials started playing it and of course the public loved it and it shot up the charts, and then they all started playing it. They found cheaper accommodation, dismissed the roadie, got rid of the truck and began working the debt off in time to return to Sydney. While Paul Jeffares, John Maloney and Neil Mickleson had all settled in the city and found girlfriends and flats, Phillips and the married Greg Christensen were growing ever more disenchanted and soon after opted to return to Wellington, effectively ending the band.

Crozier was recommended by and had played with recent Newcastle resident John Rarity, former Creation drummer. Mickleson left and returned to New Zealand in when he and his brother bought part of the family farm in Taihape after his father passed away. On his return to New Zealand after leaving Creation, Greg Christensen got involved in the pub industry before being coaxed back into the entertainment scene. He recorded three singles at the end of the s for Vertigo and EMI, again produced by Tom McDonald, and has continued performing at parties and functions to this day.

Greg Christensen at Facebook. The Simple Image. Barry Leef. The Underdogs. The Fourmyula. Loxene Golden Disc. The Hi-Revving Tongues. Frank Douglas. The Quincy Conserve. Bunny Walters. Johnny Devlin. Stacey Grove. AudioCulture The noisy library of New Zealand music.

More People Labels Scenes. Funded by. Partners with. Creation Profile aka The Creation. Share f t. In provincial New Zealand in the early s AM radio was king and popular music was popular music.

Local releases sat easily amongst the latest from overseas, and Wellington-based band Creation had two of the biggest radio hits of the first half of the decade. Show less -. Creation in Australia post Greg Christensen, mids. The empty shoes placed by John Maloney represent a new organ player as he wanted to move to the soundman role.

Creation in The Southland Times, January Creation in the NZ Listener, Creation in the Evening Post, Creation hamming it up at the Castle Cliff Hotel, Wanganui, Creation in Australia in The original Creation line-up in Blenheim, circa Creation in early Creation in Australia, circa Creation, UBA presents Creation, Viking label Creation with the van formerly owned by The Dedikation, circa Creation with their Loxene Golden Disc and group award.

Greg Christensen in The final Golden Disc, their entry 'Carolina' was also the biggest selling New Zealand single of the year.

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Re: band creation

Postby Mezijin В» 31.03.2020

They were still struggling for a commercial foothold in England, despite being one of the most widely touted live acts of the time, when the group's German label decided it was time to release a Creation LP. The next week was spent performing to adoring fans at one of the Timaru pubs. Numero Group band rounded out the package with four tracks by pre-Creation freakbeat quartet the Mark Four. Creation only 16, Christensen was forbidden to make the trip by tabeo support parents. The latter band got signed to Mercury Records' British division in band the resulting two creation failed to sell.

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Re: band creation

Postby Arajin В» 31.03.2020

Save Cancel. Lay The Bsnd Album 3 versions. The whole afternoon and evening were magical from start to finish. Views Read Edit View history. The Fourmyula.

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