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Tutorial: Your Arduino’s inbuilt EEPROM

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Uno eeprom

Postby Magis В» 25.02.2020

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Pages: [1]. Read 1 time previous topic - next topic. GautamD Sr. With the help of a circuitry I am counting IR pulses and then comparing them with the set count in the Arduino memory. I tried implementing the basic EEPROM write function by trying to store the count at address location 1 and when I checked on the serial monitor it shows the number at that location. It seems some kinda equivalent of I'm not able to determine the datatype I must use.

Help will be appreciated. Following is the code I'm using to write the count. Code: [Select]. Please do not send me PMs asking for help. Post in the forum then everyone will benefit from seeing the questions and answers. UKHeliBob is right, but here is the explanation. The data was truncated to which is what you read back.

I am sure that there was a post explaining the problem and offering a solution before I posted mine, hence I offered no explanation of the problem. The post would appear to have been removed. Thanks for pointing out.. Would you please elaborate regarding the solution?

Quote from: olf on Aug 10, , pm. Quote from: GautamD on Aug 10, , pm.

Using EEPROM with Arduino - Internal & External, time: 31:54
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Re: uno eeprom

Postby Mogar В» 25.02.2020

Regards Reply. Alternatively update parameters on brown-out detection or power down initiation. Contributors: NateNick Poole. Notify me uno new posts by email. This is because it's very slow — or impossible — to write new data to Eeprom.

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Re: uno eeprom

Postby Vidal В» 25.02.2020

If it fails then retry. Development Single Board Comp. Once a memory address has been sent we can follow it with up to 64 bytes of data.

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