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Tempting the Best Man

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Tempting the best man

Postby Dougul В» 05.04.2020

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Author: Jennifer L. Series: Gamble Brothers 1. Man, did she have a problem. Mitch, her big brother by three years—her only brother—was actually getting married this weekend. She was totally happy for him. Thrilled, even. Lissa would never do her brother wrong. A Hallmark movie could be based on the two.

Met freshman year at University of Maryland, fell madly in love, got great corporate jobs straight out of college, and the rest was history. Her gaze dropped to the invitation, down to the list of attending bridesmaids and groomsmen, and winced. She blew out a slow breath, stirring the long strands of brown hair that had escaped her messy twist. Right across from her name, separated by a few innocent dots and written in crimson ink, was the name of the best man: Chase Gamble.

God hates me. That was it. But oh no, it had to be Chase Gamble. Her assistant was a study in how a fashion disaster on some people could work for others. Today, Bridget wore a fuchsia pencil skirt paired with a purple peasant shirt sporting large polka dots. A black scarf and leather boots completed the look. Bridget was bold. Madison sighed. She could use a little bold right now. She was crafty like that. All she could see was the steel and cement of the museum next to her building—the Smithsonian, which always made her chest swell with pride.

Disappointing, but I can deal. And I can even forgive him for changing his mind the one time we almost hooked up. Well, sort of. Teasing me in front of my family, treating me like a kid sister, when all I want to do is shake him…and get him naked.

Dropping the invitation on her desk, she leaned back in her chair and sighed, idly contemplating calling the history department. Ever since she could remember, there was Chase.

Always Chase. Her brother and Chase had been inseparable since, well, forever. Which meant, being the baby of the family, Madison had nothing better to do as a kid than follow behind Mitch and his friends. It was hard not to with his masculine beauty, easy candor, and downright illegal dimples. Everyone and their mother had known she had it bad for Chase throughout high school and the first two years of college.

Sad as it was—and it was pathetic—she had attended the University of Maryland because they had. After that…she did everything in her power to avoid Chase. Not that it worked or anything. Chase was everywhere. And when he got on the treadmill? Oh, wow, who knew calf muscles could be so sexy? Because she did know—oh, did she ever know how good he was.

Of course, half of DC probably knew how good he was with those hands of his by now. Chase was the Antichrist to her. A really, unbelievably hot Antichrist… Suddenly it was way too warm, and she tugged on the edge of her blouse and scowled at the invitation. It was only four days in the romantic, upscale vineyards. Hundreds of people would be there, and even though she had to deal with Chase during the rehearsal and wedding, she could easily find creative ways to avoid him.

Who in the hell still ate brunch? Thrumming her fingers against the steering wheel, she squinted as the late May sun glared off the exit sign. Damn it. Tossing a glare at her cell phone, because she so knew it was going to ring in a hot second, she darted into the other lane and took the next exit so she could backtrack to where she needed to be. Her cell phone went off the moment the wheels on her Charger hit the correct exit ramp and she growled at it, wishing the damn thing into the tenth circle of hell.

Were there ten circles? Tall black walnut trees crowded either side of the rural route she flew down, shading the road and giving it an almost ethereal feel. Up ahead, the deep blue of the mountains loomed over the valley. There was no doubt, as long as the weather held up, the outdoor wedding was going to be beautiful.

A sudden pop jerked her chin up and the steering wheel to the left, right, and then left again. Heart racing, she gripped the wheel as she weaved and crossed the centerline like a poster child for DUIs. A tire had blown—a mother-freaking tire had blown. She whipped the wheel to the right and coasted to a stop on the shoulder of the road.

Throwing the car into park, she debated getting out and kicking the damn car. Instead, she did the mature thing: placed her head on the steering wheel and cussed some more. Free Novels Online Free Books to read online.

Tempting the Best Man, time: 2:57
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Re: tempting the best man

Postby Duzilkree В» 05.04.2020

Not only was it a ton of fun to read with the cute banter between Madison and Chase, it was also a very sweet and steamy romance. Designed and Built with mwn Priceless Design Studio. That scene had all sorts of shit shooting out of me. I'll read anything you put to pen!! Dec 01, Http://dyspdafalsio.tk/review/rakes-of-mallow-quiet-man.php rated it really liked it.

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Re: tempting the best man

Postby Voodoolkree В» 05.04.2020

I loved them. He offers a proposition I really just I'm such a fan of Jennifer L. Jun 12, Megha Patel rated it liked it Shelves: audiobooks.

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Re: tempting the best man

Postby Kalrajas В» 05.04.2020

Stay with Me. I will never underestimate short people again. Dropping the invitation on her desk, she leaned back in her chair and sighed, idly contemplating calling the history department. Because Chase won't get off his high horse and shove his "I'm like my cheating bastard father who will hurt you in the end" spiel up his ass.

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